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Divorce is often a depleting process that can feel like a financial, emotional and legal roller coaster. Sometimes, just the thought of starting the process can be paralyzing. At Compass Rose™ we specialize in setting the tone and foundation you need for a respectful, low-conflict separation. As your thinking partner and advocate I will help you rediscover your strength and skills so that you make confident, informed decisions, minimize the impact of divorce on your kids, show up as your best self during the process, and become a healthy coparent.

Here are a few sample questions that might bring you to coaching:

  • I am paralyzed and don’t know where to start. What should I do first?

  • I am thinking about leaving my spouse / partner. I am afraid of the fallout with family & children /friends/community. Where do I start?

  • My partner/spouse served me with divorce papers and I did not see this coming. What are my options?

  • My ex/spouse and I can’t communicate without a blow-up. It’s impacting our children and I don’t like it but don’t know how to stop this cycle.

  • Should I accept my ex’s suggestion that we move forward without attorneys? Will I be giving anything up?

  • How can I possibly envision a wholehearted future when I can hardly imagine next week?

  • How do I define healthy boundaries for me and my children?

  • I think I’m ready to begin the next phase of my life, but I have no idea how or where to start.

The stakes are high during divorce and communicating strategically - with intention and clarity, not emotion - is at the heart of success.

A Certified Divorce Coach® on your team will mean:

  • Effective communication – This may be the most impactful and underrated tool for your divorce process. We’ll create a communications plan so you can deliver clear, concise, emotion-free messages based on your goals.

  • Improved organization – A Certified Divorce Coach® knows and can explain the divorce process, help you identify and answer questions, and provide tools so you are prepared and able to move through each step with confidence.

  • Financial efficiency – Prioritizing, asking questions, digging into process and options in preparation for your meetings with lawyers will mean significant savings on legal fees.

  • Access to resources – Whether it’s financial planning, an attorney, a chef or a stylist, I will help you clarify what you need and add the right team members.

Teh divoce process can be depleting and overwhelming. As your coach, I’ll help you navigate each step with confidence and clarity. Are you ready?

I wanted to get educated about divorce, but all of it – finance, custody and vacations, timing, etc. – was overwhelming. Andra’s total belief in me, coupled with her patient, step-by-step guidance, is helping me think through what’s best for me and my kids, get organized and realize I have the strength to handle whatever I choose. – E.D.

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