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Don’t know what you need? I’m happy to talk with you. Click here to schedule a 15-minute, complimentary call. We’ll discuss your situation, how we’d work together and decide if we are a good fit. This is a confidential, no pressure conversation.

Andra helped me realize the importance of building on my own strength to shape my future, and that I had the courage to make it happen. She helped open my eyes to the possibilities of what life “could be.” For that, and so much more, I will be forever grateful to Andra and highly recommend her coaching services. She is a GAME CHANGER. - K.A.

The Better Than Before Divorce™  online course

Cost: $240

(two payments of $120 or one payment of $200) 


Each of the four content-rich modules in this online course are designed to improve your confidence and communication skills; help you clarify your divorce goals and the steps to get there; reduce stress and acrimony, and help you visualize and move toward your Next Best You!

How does it work?

  • Purchase today and have immediate access to expert emotional support, tools, worksheets, and more. Work through it at your own pace, revisit a lesson as often as desired, or go straight to the one you need most.

What does it include?

  • All sessions are designed and facilitated by Andra Davidson, collaboratively trained, Certified Divorce Coach®, mediator, and former Corporate Communications VP.

  • A comprehensive course workbook with everything you need to articulate who you are at your best and create the roadmap to get there. It includes templates, journal prompts, worksheets, examples of messages, texts and scripts, and a section for notes so you can stay organized.

  • Practical tools, exercises and milestones for every topic.

  • One free month of membership in the private, Better Than Before Divorce™ clients only community.  Here you can join a private Facebook group to connect with others in similar situations or join a free, monthly group coaching session on a relevant topic. Andra regularly checks in to answer specific questions and provide ongoing support and encouragement.

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90-Minute Mapping Session

Cost: $375

This one-on-one power session is for anyone who’s overwhelmed and looking to get through divorce with strength and confidence. Together we’ll map out your goals, figure out what’s holding you back and create a step-by-step plan to help you navigate this time as your best self.

Who’s this best for?

Those who want to create a healthy foundation for their divorce but aren’t sure where to begin.

  • Those seeking professional, trusted advice without a long-term commitment.

  • Anyone wanting a jumpstart to get unstuck and set a plan to move forward. 

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Membership in Better Than Before Divorce™  Community  


Cost: $29/month

or six months for $99  
($75 Savings)

Get support and find community in the private, clients-only Facebook group. Connect and engage with others who are facing similar challenges and opportunities, ask your specific questions and join Andra’s monthly, free coaching session, always focused on a current divorce topic.


Before you join, download and your FREE Better Than Before Divorce workbook and First Steps Checklist and bring your questions!

I'm Ready

Better Than Before Divorce is a unique divorce coaching program for overwhelmed men and women thinking about, or in the initial stages of the divorce process and seeking a respectful, low-conflict separation. Learn how to minimize the impact of divorce on your kids, show up as your best self during the process, set and maintain healthy boundaries, become a healthy co-parent and much more. 

 Which Better Than Before Divorce™ program is right for you?

  • Are you laser-focused, looking to set the foundation and proceed on your own? Consider a one-on-one, 90-Minute Mapping Session to jumpstart your process and engage your strengths. 

  • Would you prefer ongoing, individual support to get you through each development? If you know you’d like to be able to text or call anytime, start with clear messages and engage full support, Private Coaching may be just what you need. 

Private Coaching

A limited number of private coaching spots are available for those who want a dedicated advocate and partner through all aspects of divorce. If you know regular, one-on-one support will keep you accountable and help you navigate triggering events, private coaching may be right for you. We’ll focus on helping you  show up as your best self even (especially!) when doing so seems out of reach, get organized and prepared for meetings with your professional team, clear about priorities, and in touch with your emotional hot buttons so they won’t hijack your success.

Private Coaching includes:

  • A 90-minute Mapping Session to set goals, define priorities and create the foundational tools you’ll rely on throughout the divorce process

  • Personal and divorce mission statements 

  • Two one-hour calls/month and up to six “check-ins” – impromptu calls of 30 minutes or less to handle whatever comes up

  • Regular text / email support between calls as needed

  • Communications planning / message development

Private Coaching clients also get these FREE BONUSES

  • FREE six-months of membership in my FB community ($175 value)

  • Full Access to the Better Than Before Divorce course, including ($240 value)

    • Your Best Self Toolbox Video – tools and strategies to keep you on track, even when things are most difficult

    • Comprehensive Better Than Before Divorce Workbook – the course companion with journal prompts, tools, exercises, texts, scripts and much more

    • First access to new webinars and classes

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