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Better Than Before Divorce™ participants also receive my Say It Better workbook, which is full of key resources and tools, sections to help organize your lists and keep track of questions, prompts to inspire positive thinking, communications tips, tools, and more.

Don’t know what you need? I’m happy to talk with you. Click here to schedule a 30-minute, complimentary call. We’ll discuss your situation, how we’d work together and decide if we are a good fit. This is a confidential, no pressure conversation.

Andra helped me realize the importance of building on my own strength to shape my future, and that I had the courage to make it happen. She helped open my eyes to the possibilities of what life “could be.” For that, and so much more, I will be forever grateful to Andra and highly recommend her coaching services. She is a GAME CHANGER. - K.A.

Start Here

Cost: $980

Are you wondering what in the world to do first? This four session package will walk you through how and where to begin, help you engage the strength and skills you need to reduce the impact of divorce on your children, provide you with tools to show up as your best self throughout the process, a plan to communicate with clarity and intention, and the foundation for healthy, long-term co-parenting. 

Who is this best for?

  • Anyone considering divorce or early in the process.

  • Parents seeking a respectful, low-conflict separation.

  • Those willing to self-examine and ask key questions throughout, such as:

    • What is my true intention?​

    • Is this decision based in love?

I'm Ready

Three-Month  Support Package

Cost: $2350

This package provides up to 12 coaching sessions during which I will listen, ask key questions, provide strategy and thoughtful support so you can find new perspective and move forward with confidence. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your process, sending communications you regret, are confused about what to ask or do next, or even need a style refresh, this package offers the support you need to show up as your best self.

Who is this best for?

  • Individuals in the thick of the divorce process looking to make sound decisions based on future goals, communicate effectively, and move toward Phase 2 as your best-self.

  • Anyone interested in a thoughtful transition to their next phase: within the divorce process or beyond it.

I'm Ready

A La Carte Sessions




Cost: $175/session

A la carte sessions are available to existing clients as needed for $175/session.

I'm Ready

The Better Than Before Divorce™ program is for anyone who is overwhelmed and thinking about, or in the initial stages of the divorce process and seeking a respectful, low-conflict separation. You will learn to access the strength and skills to make decisions, minimize the impact of divorce on your kids, show up as your best self during the process, and become a healthy coparent. Each package begins with a 75-minute discovery session (virtually or in person). During this session we will review your unique situation, identify current priorities and map next steps. Most importantly, your coaching is confidential and based on what you need. You’ll also have access to my extensive support resources: lawyers, therapists, financial professionals, real estate and mortgage brokers – even how to sell your ring or help with food delivery or a stylist.

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