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If you are thinking about divorce, or early in the process, you are likely overwhelmed by all the decisions and uncertainty in your future. Are you wondering where to begin, how to be a good parent during such a hard time, and how you'll ever feel confident about your choices again

Through my proprietary Better Than Before Divorce™️ Program, You CAN:

  • Have a respectful, low-conflict separation,

  • Minimize the impact of divorce on your children,

  • Set the foundation for long-term, healthy co-parenting, and

  • Show up as your best self and set the tone for a respectful process


The support & tools you need are HERE

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If you are considering divorce, or early in the process, my Better Than Before™️ Divorce program will give you the skills and support you need to navigate all aspects of the process and help you set the tone you want, right from the beginning. We’ll acknowledge the grief, sadness and overwhelm that may be preventing you from moving forward, help you rediscover your strengths, what your best self looks like, and create messages for friends and family that are both loving and based on your needs and boundaries.

If you are up at night worrying if you’re doing the right thing, what impact your decisions will have on your kids, and how you’ll ever feel strong, confident and desirable again, let’s talk. You don’t have to do this alone!​


The Compass Rose “Start Here” package includes four, one-on-one sessions to give you the answers you need, restore your confidence and energy and put you in the best position possible to move forward the way you want to. The package includes my comprehensive divorce workbook with templates for your individual communication plan, personal and divorce mission statements, journal prompts, checklists and more, as well as a Compass Rose journal.


Interested in learning more? Click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session. We’ll discuss your situation, how we’d work together and decide if we are a good fit. This is a confidential, no pressure conversation.


Andra provides honest feedback that helps her clients understand how to craft a plan, what dialogue to use and how to set the tone for a successful separation. Her approach is both thoughtful and intentional; she meets you where you are in your journey and provides a platform that inspires real change. During a time fraught with anxiety, she helps you come out of the process with more strength and confidence than you ever realized you had. – K.A.


WHAT IS A DivorcE cOach, anyway? i'm glad you asked!

  • A  thinking partner who gets you organized and uber-prepared for meetings with your lawyer and other team members, saving you $$ and enhancing efficiencies. 


  • Your communications expert and advocate - together we’ll create a plan for clear, intentional communications based on your goals, not your emotions. Download my FREE, "Say It Better Planner" HERE.


  • I’m not a lawyer or a therapist - I partner with both as needed to provide you with the customized support you need.


  • Most importantly, I am committed to reminding you of the strength, resilience and courage you already have, and the wholehearted Phase 2 that you deserve.


What's Phase 2?

Phase 2 is your future beyond divorce. I know it feels out of reach today because I’ve been there, too. But I also know this: you’ve got one, and you deserve to go get it.

Learn more about me and how I can help.

Divorce Resilience Counseling & Coaching


Those sleepless nights, questioning every decision? The frustrations that come with saying something you regret? The overwhelm that gets in the way of taking action? You do NOT have to go through your divorce feeling this way. This video provide practical tools to help you prioritize and set goals, be a productive co-parent, and sleep through the night again.